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Marlyn Manson Will Sound Discordant In The Lates Album By X Japan

May 13, 2018

Heavy metal veterans unit of origin Japan, X Japan is rumored to be working with Marilyn Manson on their latest album. 

Post performed together at the Coachella music festival some time ago, both of them preached will be involved in a partnership. The figure of the eccentric Manson indeed known good friends with drummer while frontman X Japan Yoshiki

In the latest album by X Japan, Marilyn Manson will donate a track. It will be a special guest vocalist won. A new album, X Japan is estimated to release in next fall. Nevertheless, Yoshiki still secretive about details of his latest work on the material. Members of the Visual Kei was last pulled off the album, titled Dahlia, in 1996.

"I know (22 years old) it is a long time, but when you come back to hear the sound, you'd understand why it takes a long time. Ninety-nine percent of the songs would later use the language of United Kingdom and this is our first album that target audiences worldwide, "said Yoshiki, is cited through Metal Injection.

Previously, X Japan had a gig at the Coachella in April. So the first international stage for X Japan after such a long hiatus. In addition to invited Marilyn Manson, Yoshiki dkk also invite Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) guitars instruments line to fill, with the look of a hologram of revered Hide and Taiji, ex X Japan personnel.